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SDA005: Jeremie Voillot – Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and More!

Today I had the chance to sit down and talk with one of my industry idols: Jeremy Voillot. Jeremie is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School where he studied Sound Design. Since graduating Jeremie has had an amazing career working as a sound designer on Mass Effect, senior sound designer on Dragon Age Origins, then continuing onto such titles as Dragon Age 2 & 3 plus Mass Effect 2 & 3. Jeremie is presently  Audio Director 2 at Bioware.

Show Notes

  • DJ’d for a number of years before attending school
  • Attended the Vancouver Film School where he got his degree in Sound Design
  • Got his first gig on Mass Effect 1 after deciding not to pursue getting into the Vancouver film scene
  • Dragon Age = Cling Clang and Mass Effect = Pew Pew — I think I’m going to start nicknaming all my projects as well.
  • The Last of Us is one of Jeremie’s favorite game audio experiences as a consumer
  • It’s likely we will see more use of Dolby Atmos in game mixing
  • Bioware is using Frostbite as a game engine
  • We get an amazing description and run down of the Dolby Atmos System and how it essentially works.
  • Loved the impact of audio on people — the ability to move a person with sound.
  • When you’re doing audio right it’s subconsciously recognized, but when you do it wrong… you really know it’s wrong.
  • Bioware trains their QA (quality assurance) team to recognize and be able to discuss the audio
  • Making a game is a lot like attending a university. You work on it for up to 4 years, and you come out of it a little older, wiser, and better equipped for the next challenge.
  • The better we can empathize with other people’s situation, the better job we can do in our area.
  • If you’re not scared by what you are doing then you’re probably not doing the right thing. You should be challenging yourself and your perceptions all the time.
  • The true test of experience is being able to know that on the other side it’ll work out. You’ll come up with something. If not you, someone else will to help you out.
  • No game is perfect, and that’s ok. It shows that something amazing and great is trying to be achieved.
  • I’d much rather go to a show where you see a dj attempting something difficult 
  • Most voiceover recording is outsourced.
  • Music composition is also outsourced
  • Their field recording is done with a 702 Sound Device
  • If you get a chance in Dragon Age Inquisition, stop by a hollow log, tree, and other materials and just listen. You’ll notice they dynamically change based on the wind velocity that naturally picks up and slows down. It’s all dynamic.
  • The first dragon took a year and half

Jeremie’s Favorite Mic:

 Sankin CO-100k 

Jeremie’s Recommended Book:

Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace

Must Check Out

Mass Effect Andromeda

Closing Notes:

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