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SDA 015: Matt Besler – Bioware’s Blowin’ Stuff Up!

sda 15 Matt Besler Mass Effect Andromeda Sound Designer

This episode I’m chatting’ it up with Bioware’s Matt Besler! Matt has a had a varied career in film, television, and gaming with such titles as the Mass Effect Trilogy as well as Dragon Age: Origins, 2, and inquisition along with Mass Effect Andromeda which will be dropping the Winter of 2016. Matt has specifically been an audio lead on Dragon Age: Awakening and Origins DLC. 

Show Notes:


  • Where are you from originally? — this also leads into Matt’s career path (1:31)
  • Matt started at Bioware when he was 31 (18:57)
  • What style of music was your band? (25:46)
  • What was it like working on your first game? (29:28)
  • How did your dialogue get mastered for Mass Effect? (32:46)
  • Out of all the games you’ve worked on has there been a favorite? (38:10)
  • Story about Frank (41:43)
  • Craziest recording session (44:55)
  • Do you have a favorite mic? (54:33)
  • What mic is Bioware using on dialogue? (56:53)

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