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SDA 013: Austin Shannon – Stick of Truth to Freelance Freedom

Sound Designer Austin Shannon Interview

Today, I’m speaking with a sound designer who’s doing things a bit differently. His name’s Austin Shannon. Typically we imagine going into a studio, and doing our long days work, but Austin does his work remotely. And I think that… is rad. 

Austin has worked on such titles as Justice Lead Doom, Starhawk, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Omega Quintet, There Came an Echo, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and most recently King’s Quest.

Show Notes:


  • Austin works remotely thanks to dialogue editing gigs (3:09)
  • Isolation can lead to increased productivity (5:02)
  • What’s your favorite anime? (5:12)
  • Where are you originally from? (5:55)
  • What did you do in your Sony internship? (6:39)
  • Seeing them wrapping up games, what was that like? (8:03)
  • Tell us about working on King’s Quest (9:19)
  • How did you get into audio? (9:44)
  • Regrets selling his drum set (10:38)
  • Got an internship at Tree Sound Studio (12:04)
  • The move from east coast to west coast (14:47)
  • How did you find the LA hustle? (15:02)
  • Worked for Obsidian Entertainment (16:17)
  • What was your transition like going into freelance? (16:39)
  • What was it like working on Stick of Truth? (18:20)
  • Did you guys end up going beyond a stereo mix? (19:18)
  • What engine was the game made in? (20:39)
  • Did you have a title you liked working on the most? (21:46)
  • Are you working on anything outside of King’s Quest currently (24:27)
  • Getting work through Reddit (26:13)
  • Do you have a game that inspired you to do audio? (27:21)
  • Austin recently got into modular synths (28:11)
  •  What’s your favorite microphone? (32:56)
  • Is a high frequency range mic the secret to a good monster pitch down? (33:35)
  • Do you have a  book that you’d recommend? (34:08)
  • What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? (35:00)

Check out some of Austin’s work at http://austinshannon.com/ 

Be sure to connect with on Twitter @austin_shannon, and look him up on linkedin. If you haven’t reviewed our dandy little program be sure to over at the iTunes, and you can always connect with us on Twitter. Be sure to check out past shows, and if you’re feeling saucy… subscribe!