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SDA 009: Drew Medina – Io Moon, Virtual Reality, and the Future!

game sound design podcast with drew medina from headtrip games

Today I’m interviewing Drew Medina from Headtrip Games. Little about Drew, and this is from his website, but Drew has been a game artist for 14 years, developing console games at Atari, Pacific Coast Power and Light, Shiny Entertainment,  EA, Angel Studios, Crystal Dynamics, MadDoc software, Rockstar New England, and now of course Headtrip Games.

Game Credits:

Gauntlet Legends (Arcade) 

Jet Moto 3 (Playstation 1)

Road Rash 64 (N64)

Smugglers  Run (Playstation 2)

Test Drive Offroad: Wide Open (Playstation 2)

Enter The Matrix (Playstation 2,GC…)

Need for speed Underground (GC) 

Path of Neo (Playstation 2)

Tomb Raider Legend (Xbox360,PC)

Bully Scholarship Edition (Xbox360,PC)

Turok  (Xbox360, PS3)

Red Dead Redemption (Xbox360, PS3)

Max Payne 3 (Xbox360, PS3,PC)

Grand Theft Auto 5 (Xbox360, PS3)

Show Notes


Show Notes

  • Gauntlet Legeneds (2:44)
  • The Death of Arcade Games (5:19)
  • Michael Rags on the Youth of America (6:04)
  • Talk about Drew’s childhood in Jersey (6:48)
  • Drew mentions the film Kids (7:43)
  • Talk on Drew’s taking piano in middle school because he got kicked out of computer class (8:02)
  • Drew spent a lot of time as kid, coding (10:50)
  • Some thoughts on Minecraft (12:55)
  • Mario Maker (14:06)
  • Drew’s Video Game Schooling (14:53)
  • 3D Animation led to Drew getting his first gig (15:47)
  • Brief discussion on Stick of Truth (18:04)
  • Io Moon is being made in Unity 5 (18:57)
  • Drew’s feelings on Unity 5 (19:32)
  • Talk on animation (20:47)
  • Check out Armikrog
  • Drew is doing everything himself on Io Moon (22:35)
  • Using playmaker for code
  • Headtrip is a year old (23:58)
  • Co-founder is Ricci Franklin (24:21)
  • Thoughts on the indie game revolution (25:33)
  • Drew’s development schedule, and quite frankly one of the best things I’ve heard someone say in a long while (26:06)
  • Implementing Garry Schyman’s music (28:07)
  • Some VR Philosophical implications — we’re gettin’ deep team (31:33)
  • Tiltbrush for the Vive (33:50)
  • The potential for training professionals and rehabilitating people within VR (36:53)
  • Some incredibly powerful life lessons (41:31)
  • Talking about Garry’s discography and his work on the project (44:39)
  • A crazy motorcycle revving his crazy loud ninja motar…. thanks motorcycle man… thanks (46:21)
  • Drew’s goal for Io Moon (52:12)
  • Michael ruins a really nice moment by choking on coffee, which have you noticed how fast he’s been talking? (55:01)
  • Podcasts Drew is listening to: The Nerdist, Joe Rogan, Kevin Smith, The Smodcast, Mysterious Universe
  • How VR can benefit the physically disabled — so overwhelmingly beautiful (59:40)
  • Somebody needs to make fans (the air kind) that integrate with VR to create wind (1:03:35)
  • The Europa Report (1:06:10)
  • Europa SPOILER WARNING (1:06:18 – 1:06:30)
  • VR Theme Parks (1:07:53)
  • Drew talks about Toy Shop (1:08:49)

Things to Check Out


Io Moon

Io Moon Headtrip Games


Click here for Garry Schyman’s Interview


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