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SDA004: Building a Better Voiceover Career w/ Scott Stackhouse

sound design academy session 4 - building a better voiceover career with scott stackhouse

This week I had the absolute privilege of sitting down with Scott Stackhouse. Scott is assistant professor of theatre in acting and voice at the University of Missouri Kansas City where he teaches acting, directing, and voice. He earned his MFA at the lovely University of California – Los Angeles and has worked regionally and nationally as an actor, director, vocal coach, and fight choreographer. On top of it all Scott also works as a professional voice actor booking gigs and continuing to develop his career. Plus, he’s a really outstanding human being.




  • Scott took 5 years off between high school and college
  • Finished his BA at the University of Missouri – Kansas City
  • Attended URTAs where he got into UCLA for his Masters
  • Left LA to start teaching at Johnson County Community College (Some stellar programs there btw)
  • Got signed by Exposure Inc. in Kansas City along with longtime friend David Washington
  • Actor’s tend to have a leg up in Voiceover
  • No matter how successful you get, keep it all in perspective.
  • There is no specific path for getting into the field. You have to discover it for yourself.
  • You can analyze yourself by listening to recordings of your craft.
  • The closer you can deliver to the final product, the better.
  • You gotta separate the work from the art. When you sell, sell. When you play Romeo, play Romeo.
  • Selling out has more to do with your attitude and perspective than what gig you take.
  • Bob Bergen has been a great resource for voice acting.
  • Voiceover Universe – The Facebook of Voiceover
  • It’s easier to pull back than ask someone to be bigger.
  • Voice work is much like mask work.
  • The listener can hear if you’re being authentic.
  • You gotta find your money voice — who you’ll be cast as.


Recommend Gear and Resources

Scott’s Mic

Rode NT1

Suggested book

Conversation Pieces Out of the Studio: The Voiceover Workshop for Professional Actors