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SDA 003: It’s the Journey Not the Destination with Greg Mackender

its the journey not the destination with greg mackender

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Greg Mackender. Greg is the associate professor of sound at the University of Missouri – Kansas City where he teaches Hard Disk Recording and Sound Scoring. Professor Mackender has a long history of music, audio exploration, and being at the breaking edge of audio innovation where he was one of the early implementors of digital audio. 



  • Greg works primarily in theatre as a Sound Designer
  • Started out with a love for science that turned into a love for audio
  • Early implementor of digital audio
  • You don’t always need college or a training program to learn audio.
  • It’s often better to buy the right gear initially to create better work.
  • Maintain a creative dojo where you hone your craft.
  • Sometimes you need to step away from your craft in order to rejuvenate your creativity
  • You’re only as good as the weakest link in your signal chain.
  • The readiness is all. Be ready.



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Keep on learning!

Michael Heuer

Sound Design Academy