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SDA 002: Location Sound with Joe Elfanbaum

location sound with joe elfanbaum

Sound Design Academy sits down with Production Mixer and location sound man Joe Elfanbaum to discuss his recent success and growth as an audio expert within SCAD. Within 2 years of attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Joe has managed to jump start his location audio career, and is currently working on a number of professional gigs. Listen in to learn how you too can break into the location sound industry, get tips on how to succeed and so much more!

Show Notes: 

  • Joe is a Production Mixer out of Georgia
  • Started at UMKC then shifted to SCAD
  • Location Sound is Joe’s primary focus
  • Get the right tools for the job because you can build a career off it.
  • You can sell SFX online at Pond 5 even with an H4n
  • Always keep a level head. Never lose your cool. Getting worked up doesn’t solve the problem.
  • You never know when the moment’s gonna happen.
  • Easy to spots to hide a mic pack: ankle, thigh, small of back, chest, and under a wig.
  • Always go with the location scout to help decide if a location is conducive to good audio.
  • Solid communication skills go a long way.
  • Organization is very important.